The whole point of TFY notation is so that you can put a trick into writing so everyone that can read can trade tricks. Now you can get tricks from anyone in the world. The spirits are in the machine!

Here's how it works: If you have a trick that you want to put up on the list, send it to Our panel of judges and officiators and executioners will try it out, check it out, compare it to what's already on the list and if it makes the cut, we'll add it the next time we do an update. Don't forget to include its name, any BRIEF notes on it, your name, @ddress and where you live.

A few words of advice:

If you think you can just run a string of moves together and pass them off as a trick just so you can get your name up on the website, think again. First off we can spot a stupid string of moves a long way off. Don't insult us; we've got the guy who wrote the book right here. And realize that your name and the city that you live in is posted too (If it's not included, the trick isn't even looked at). If anyone meets you and you can't do the trick that you sent in, they'll write us and we'll pull your trick and post on the trick page that you're a fake and a poseur (A poseur is someone who talks a big game just to look cool when they can't deliver). And if you don't think people will, realize that there is a huge network out there of fiends and conquistayoers who hate poseurs and a reward out for them. All anyone has to do is write to and we look into it.

Make sure it's a new trick. We don't do updates everyday because they take a lot of effort and we get a lot of m@il. We aren't going to waste our time with "Braintwister only done from a bottom mount."

Don't name it something that is going to get any of us in trouble. You know what that means.

Write it correctly. We aren't going to rewrite it for you and we aren't going to waste our time trying to figure out what you meant. Mount [dash] hold [comma] move [dash] hold [comma] move [dash] hold... and so on. Spell it right and abbreviate it right. It's not hard and there are plenty of examples. If you have any questions that won't waste our time: say something real nice, attach the question to the end and send it in a love letter (figure it out).

Don't expect a reply and don't ask when the next update will be. Sending tricks in is like floating a message in a bottle. That's just the way it goes.

It's first come first serve. If someone else's name is on a trick that you sent in, it means that we received it from them first. We aren't partial, whoever's downloads first, wins.

There's no customer service line. Don't waste our time bitching at us about anything. You aren't paying for any of this. It's all out of the kindness of our cold, black, little hearts. So sit down, shut up and be thankful you're getting anything at all.

(Have you counted how many times I said not to waste our time?)

All that said, we really do want to he@r from you (we just have to scare off the fools). Just realize how many people out there are doing the same thing you are and writing to us. Also realize that all of us here have full time jobs and are trying to have real lives, we can't do everything. There's no one around with a magical nose to wiggle. So please make our lives easier. If you help us, we'll help you.

If you haven't been scared off yet...