This is not a recipe book!

For the first time in history (or at least the author's history), there's a yoyo book that is about HOW TO YOYO and not just a book of four dozen trick recipes. Funny thing is this book does have trick recipes in it, 56 in fact (in different levels of detail). Many of these appear nowhere else in print.

The Yonomicon does have everything a beginning yoyoer needs to know in it, but it's written mainly to satisfy the burning question left unanswered by all other yoyo books:

"Okay, now what?"

This is the book for everyone who has bought a yoyo book and learned those tricks. This is the book for anyone who's bought a yoyo book and known all those tricks. This is the yoyo book for anyone who throws a yoyo with a transaxle. This is the yoyo book for anyone who wants to teach those transaxle punks a thing or two about the power of wood. This is the yoyo book for people who don't first think of swimming when someone says, "Freestyling".

The Yonomicon is also the full and complete write up of Quantum Yo Theory, the system for breaking down freestyle string tricks into their most basic units, and TFY Transcription, the way to write it all out. If you think you've seen and thrown it all, Quantum Yo Theory is here to take you in new directions; directions that would scare people who thought the Earth was flat..

Welcome to the New School.

This is a quick rundown of words that are used to define each other in this section and the rest of the book.

Hold- the triangular position of the string at any given time around your finger(s) and the yo. Anytime you're not doing a move you are said to be in a hold. A hold is a certain configuration of the string. When you're doing a trick you're going from hold to hold to hold simply because you keep changing the position of the string relative to itself, your fingers and the yo.

Move-anything you do with your hands or to a hold. Moves turn one hold into another hold. They're classified as neutral, one-way, zero, single, multi. Morph and tumble are examples of moves.

Mount-one of a dozen different hold/move combos that first gets the yo onto the string.

QYT- Quantum Yo Theory. The idea that yo tricks can be broken down into a series of holds and the moves that we use to get from one hold to the next.

Transcribe-to write something out. A transcription is what you get when you transcribe something.

Corner-anywhere in the path of the string where the thing bends. Usually this means your fingers and yo collectively, but if you start using other things, like throwing a trapeze over a hand rail, that's a corner too.

Side-space between 2 corners. Note: a side without string is still a side, that's why "sides" are different from "segs".

Seg- short for segment, a stretch of string between 2 corners

TFY note-the transcription of a hold using the TFY transcription method. Or the write up of a trick as an ordered list of mounts, holds and moves.