Pronunciation- Yonomicon is pronounced: "Yo-nom-i-con". "Yo" like the thing on your finger, "nom" rhymes with bomb, "i" is spit without the s, p, or t, and "con" like someone who escapes from jail.

/- A slash is used between 2 moves that you are doing simultaneously. Usually you'd just write it up, one move then the next, but every so often there's a time where you have to do them simultaneously. The write up would be "move"/ "move"- "hold". Basically these are multimoves that aren't popular enough to justify their own write up.

Multi move afternotes- If a multimove is not made up of 2 full moves (vs. splits or misses) then the combo is listed right after it in parenthesis. For instance when you go to a Double or nothing from a Trapeze by pulling the end seg and flipping the yo over you're doing a split free dunk. The first half is the yo coming up over your hand. In that move your free hand hits both of the segs so it's a "free morph". Then the yo comes back down and hits only the outer string, which is a split tumble. So the notation is written "Free split dunk (Free morph, split tumble)-".

Spin of the yo- Occasionally the yo will bite for no apparent reason. Well, that reason could be the spin of the yo. When the spin of the yo matches the direction of the slide along a string and is into the string, the yo will grab the string. To say it again: when the yo is sliding along the string and the spin of the yo matches as if it were rolling on the string and you're rolling into the string, it's going to catch. The only way to get around this is to move REALLY fast and keep a lot of tension on the string (which is often very hard to do in those situations).

Propeller- A propeller is a move that is similar to a pinwheel. The difference is that it is done from a hold that doesn't have a loose end seg. Another difference is that there is no hook or pinch, the string is simply wrapped up. In TFY terms it's equivalent to a miss dunk or hop (depending on the direction). You angle the rest of the hold out of the way (off the plane) and spin the yo around the finger that it's last hung off of. You can see it in Cold Fusion and is the primary move in the Singapore Sling. It will almost always result in a mutation, so some form of backtracking usually follows.

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